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28 November 2017 - by Helene Walters-Steinberg

Welcome to the Authentic Translations Blog

The objective of these blog posts is to help simplify the world of language services. There are many blogs out there that are aimed specifically at translators but few that focus on the end user, so we would like to become a bridge between the world of the linguist and the world of the client. More specifically, we aim to give some guidance on relationships between clients and translators, while answering some of the questions people may have about translation services.

Some of the questions we plan to answer are:
- Where can I find a translator?
- How can I determine if a translator is good if I don't speak the language they translate into?
- What information do I need to provide to receive an accurate translation quote?
- What questions should I ask the translator?
- What questions should the translator be asking me?
- How do translators charge?
- What is the difference between a translator, an interpreter, an editor and a proofreader?
- What is a house style and does my organisation need one?
- What is a certified translation and can it be performed by anyone?

If there are any other questions related to translation, editing or languages that you would like answered, or if you have an idea for an article, please don't hesitate to get in touch at info[at] or using the contact forms on this website.

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