- Did you know that Britain’s exports totalled £517 billion last year?
- Did you know that the UK imported £547 billion worth of goods from around the globe in 2015?
- Did you know that 75% of consumers prefer to buy products in their native language?

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Authentic Translations Ltd can help you reach out to new markets and better communicate across borders by translating, editing and proofreading documents and providing advice on how to localise your products and services.

We are staffed by bilingual, bicultural qualified professionals, so our translations read like an authentic document written in that language, while staying faithful to the nuances and cultural references of your original material.

We use specialised resources and software to assist our translators in producing accurate texts and to ensure that consistency is maintained throughout all your content.

To find out how we can use our experience providing customised language solutions to businesses, organisations and individuals to help you, click on the button below or send an email directly.

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